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Supporting 8th Grade Camp for South Shore Class of 2024

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of 8th graders from South Shore class of 2024? Join us in our mission to send them to an unforgettable camp experience and ensure the continuity of this fantastic program for future students.

8th Grade Camp Details: Mark your calendars for October 2-4, when our 8th graders will embark on an exciting adventure at YMCA Camp Coleman in Longbranch, WA.

Why We Need Your Support: At South Shore Prk-8, we believe that outdoor education should be accessible to everyone. Our camp costs approximately $50 per student, thanks to a significant discount. As a Title 1 School, we are committed to ensuring that every student can participate.

This year, our 8th graders will once again have the privilege of attending Camp Colman. Here, they will immerse themselves in outdoor education, engage in fun-filled activities, and learn the value of teamwork and community. For some of these students, it will be their first time spending the night in a cabin with their friends.

How You Can Help: We are dedicated to making this experience affordable for all families, and you can be part of this incredible initiative. If you'd like to sponsor a child or two, your contribution will go a long way in making their dreams come true. To show your support, simply click here.

Your generosity will not only make a difference in the lives of these young individuals but will also ensure the continuation of this enriching program for years to come. Together, we can create lasting memories and provide valuable educational opportunities. Join us in sending the South Shore class of 2024 to camp!

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