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Oct 11 | Donations Doubled Today - While Funds Last

Please consider donating today, October 11, during Donors Choose matching campaign (while funds last).

You can see all the campaigns for our school HERE.

Ms. DiJulio has a couple of campaigns going on right now as well:

Family advocacy, Family Care I am working on creating a more welcoming and comforting place for our families when they come in for meetings and are requesting help from our support team. Snacks and a relaxing space for children will add to this family resource space, where we meet to help them navigate challenging situations.

Calm and Cozy, Regulate and Return to Learning.

I want to offer a welcoming space for students to sit in and learn about their emotions, feel safe, regulate, and get back to joining their peers and learning. The books, beanbag chair, and mindful tools will help them feel comfortable and process so they can rejoin their class. In order to meet educational goals, emotional needs must be met. Thank you for considering my project.

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