2nd Annual Move-A-Thon

The Southeast Seattle Fundraising Alliance is hosting their second annual Move-A-Thon -- May 2nd-May 13th 2022.

We participated in the first annual Move-A-Thon ("MAT") last year and as a result South Shore received $14,500! This funding helped pay for classroom supplies, teacher appreciation meals, and the South Shore Emergency Family Assistance Fund! We are so excited for South Shore to participate in the Move-a-Thon again this year, but we need your help to make it really great! (And of course, donations happily accepted, click here to donate.)

We need your help with...

  1. Promote the Move-A-Thon in and around South Shore! Posters Posters Posters!! **South Shore staff**, do you have extra free time in your lesson plans and could help students create fun Move-A-Thon Posters to display around school to increase participation? Would your family be interested in making their own signs to wave at school (drop-off and pick-up), or even make some attention grabbing music or sound?

  2. Volunteer at an in Person Event! Would you like South Shore to host an in person Move-a-thon event? This event would be focused around students completing Bingo Board activity challenges together. We are thinking possibly May 13th as a celebration for the final day of the fundraiser. We are looking for volunteers to help plan and host this event.

  3. Help A Local Small Business Support the Move-A-Thon. The Hmong Flower company will be doing a Mothers Day sale and a portion of their flower sales will go to the MAT. The company is looking for individuals to help host customers pick up locations around schools. (No money will be handled) We are looking for volunteers to help host a distribution site near South Shore on Saturday May 7th. Tutta Bella will be donating 20% of their sales to MAT during one of the weeks of the Move-A-Thon. Help us promote Tutta Bella's event in and around school through word of mouth and on social media.

  4. Distributing Materials. **South Shore staff**, we will need help distributing and collecting materials from students. Each student will receive a Move-A-Thon Bingo Board, an instruction sheet with multiple translations and a Pledge Sheet.

  5. Sharing about the Move-A-Thon on your personal social media! Copy and share from the South Shore PTSA Facebook page to your feed to get the word out! Or share these videos in your home language: SE Move-a-Thon YouTube Channel

  6. Get Matching donations through your place of work! Please inquire with your place of work if they will match donations up to a certain amount, this will help us double our efforts!!

Your participation and involvement in this year's Move-A-Thon will help fund next year's PTSA Activities that support South Shore teachers, students, and families. Please email southshoreptsa@gmail.com to let us know how you can help!

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