School-wide T-Shirt Design Contest!

Celebrate Freedom at South Shore T-Shirt Design Contest!

Here at South Shore, we want every student to feel safe and happy. Every day, our teachers, staff, students, and families work hard to build and sustain a strong, healthy community. We recognize that an important aspect of this is to empower students to stand up for others and to make a difference! This fall we are having a T-Shirt Design Contest to show our support for standing up for others and to celebrate freedom.

You can draw a picture or create a colorful slogan that would look good on a t-shirt! Maybe you will be inspired by the many different versions of freedom explored in Amnesty International’s book “Dreams of Freedom” such as:

Freedom from Fear ~ Freedom of Expression ~ Freedom through Equality ~ Freedom through Peace ~ Freedom to be a Child ~ Freedom to Dream ~ Freedom not to be Unfairly Imprisoned ~ Freedom to Enjoy Life and Liberty ~ Freedom to Feel Safe ~ Freedom to have a Home ~ Freedom to have your Own Ideas ~ Freedom to Learn ~ Freedom to Make a Difference ~ Freedom to Take Responsibility

Maybe you admire someone who stood up for freedom in history or in your neighborhood

or your family. Maybe you want to draw a picture with a freedom inspired slogan. Maybe you want to add words like Racial Justice, Fairness, Love, or Friendship to the freedom slogan.

Maybe these quotes will give you ideas: “We are all born free and equal”, “We all have the right to make up our own minds”, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

We want your art, your design, your words: please enter the contest!

ENTRIES DUE BY: October 18

Winners will be chosen by PTSA Committee and the winning design will be sold during the winter spirit gear sale!

Winner will receive a free t-shirt with their design.


● Must include “South Shore PreK-8 2019-2020” somewhere in design

● Final T-shirt will be a maximum of three ink colors, including black

● T-shirt fabric can be almost any color, so consider that in your design

● If submitting a hand drawing, please submit no larger than 8.5-by-11-inch format

● Hand-drawn submissions may be turned in to the front office or Mr. Horner

● Or submit online to:

● Multiple designs may be submitted

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